Wanted vs Needed: Better understood with best examples

Wanted vs Needed: Better understood with best examples

Wants” and “needed” are two different concepts in the world, that describe desires or requirements:

Something that you strongly desire, but is not necessarily necessary for your survival or well-being.

For example: Buying a computer

The scenario is that you are thinking of buying a new bike.

Imagine the scenario that your current bike is in perfect condition and runs at a good speed and doesn’t break down on the way. It guides you to your destination in a calm manner. But you still want to buy a new bike that looks good and impresses the onlookers and the model is also upgraded. So this is your ‘’wish’’.

Something necessary or desirable for a particular purpose, essential to survival, well-being, or the fulfilment of a purpose.

On the other hand, your bike is old, breaks down on the way to the office, and never reaches your destination on time, in which case buying a new motorcycle is both your compulsion and ‘’needs’’.


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