World Veterinary Day History

Back in 1863, Professor John Gamgee of the Veterinary College of Edinburgh, invited veterinarians from Europe to attend a meeting which later became known as the first International Veterinary Congress. The meeting was about epizootic diseases and a discussion of possible preventive measures. This congress became a World Veterinary Congress. In 1906, at the 8th World Veterinary Congress, the … Read more

World Veterinary Day 2020

The World Veterinary Association has set every last Saturday of April as World Veterinary Day to praise the veterinary community. In 2020, veterinary professionals will celebrate their day on the 25th of April.  In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about World Veterinary Day 2020!  Theme of World Veterinary day Each … Read more

9 Ideas how to celebrate World Veterinary Day 

Veterinarians are the only doctors who play a crucial role in the well-being of animals and humans. They specialize in different areas so that every animal gets professional and adequate treatment and care. They also wear many hats and can work in food safety and inspection, research activities for the prevention of zoonotic diseases, teaching in universities, … Read more

World Veterinary Day 2021

The world needs veterinary professionals. Not just because our animals need doctors and caretakers (which is obviously also crucial), but because of the type of people they are. They are selfless, caring, compassionate individuals who will stop at nothing to make sure your four-legged family member is okay.   So, we repeat the world needs veterinary … Read more

World Veterinary Day 2022

Happy World Veterinary Day 2022! We are so excited to celebrate this special day with all of our veterinary professional friends around the world. This day truly celebrates the amazing work that vets do to protect and promote animal health and welfare. We are so proud to be part of such a compassionate and dedicated … Read more

10 Interesting Facts About Veterinarians

Did you know that veterinarians have one of the highest job satisfaction rates or that they are more likely to be women than men? Here are 10 interesting facts about veterinarians that you may not know. Life as a Veterinarian Veterinarians play a very important role in society, and their work is essential for the … Read more

The Advantages of Being A Veterinarian (Plus Cons)

There are many advantages to being a veterinarian. As a veterinary professional, you have the opportunity to help animals and their owners in a variety of ways. For example, you can choose to work in private practice, where you will care for pets and their families. Or, you could opt to work in public health … Read more